Snowboarding in Idaho

Snowboarding in Idaho has a feel all its own.  Most of the attention in snowboarding has evolved into competition style events involving big air over monstrous jumps at a big resort. Visions are of an Olympic feel like Sun Valley Ski Resort due to the popular competition sports that are televised.  Warren Miller created a feel all his own in his movies by capturing the solitude and beauty of a lone snowboarder surfing into virgin powder on the side of some unknown peak. Snowboarding Idaho is about that kind of feeling.  

Snowboarding Idaho is more about hiking to your destination, not knowing exactly where it will take you. The experience of exploring new territory on a snowboard is something you will never forget. Southern Idaho has spacious powder fields between the pine trees so you won’t feel cramped. You won’t be dodging other snowboarders or a rogue skier here. So, leave the big resorts behind and try a day hike snowboarding in Idaho wilderness.

After “getting lost” on one of the countless ridgelines on a high, southern Idaho peak, your tired body will yearn for what we have for you next. Imagine what your soul will feel like when it realizes that, as soon as you reach the car, you’re headed for 110 degree hot springs. You can only experience this dream if you come join us in Lava Hot Springs after a day of backcountry snowboarding in Idaho. Finish your perfect day with a soak in our world famous hot springs and your sweet dreams will continue after you hit the pillow.