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Exciting new things for the Silver Grille!

Ray Cole
Jun 13, 2014 02:25 PM

New happenings this summer! This is Ray Cole, new chef at the Silver Grille! My wife, Bethany, and I are a married couple from Pocatello, and we are helping make some fun new things happen at the restaurant. We are excited to be helping at the Silver Grille and the Greystone Manor, bringing some new energy and ideas to make this summer better than any before! Keep your eyes peeled for us, and make sure you try one of the awesome new specials we all have been creating. We have some new menu items now, including cheesesteak sandwiches, steaks, and blackened steak sandwiches, and that's just the beginning! Over the summer we are going to enjoy serving the whole community and all the wonderful visitors that are so excited to see our town. We are going to be making a few changes soon so stay tuned and we will keep everyone updated! In this picture you can see Bethany and me, along with Vicky, the owner, Brenden and Tye, a couple of our grill guys, and Chantell, our service assistant for the front end.

Silver Grille


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Jun 13, 2014 04:42 PM
looking good!
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