Lava Hot Springs Library

The first library was organized in l966 by a demonstration act, by the Congress of Idaho. A grant was set up by the state to provide a bookmobile, driver and library books for a mobile library for Southeast Bannock County. The city gave them a corner of City Hall, the Lions Club built shelving and the bookmobile brought about 100 books every month.

Several years later the Professional Women's Organization sponsored the Lava Library. A small office on Main Street was donated along with funds for utilities. Again the Lions Club built shelving, and the State Library furnished 500 books which were replaced every 6 months. Volunteers staffed the library.

In 1968 the citizens of Southeast Bannock County petitioned to form a library district, a board of directors was organized and a librarian was hired.

In 1972 the library moved to its present location on Main Street.

The library has been a real asset to our town. Since we are a resort town, the tourists appreciate the use of the library as well as our many retirees, families, and other citizens.